Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little shop cleaning on Etsy.

I decided to try something a little different and photographed these small panels on an easel set up as you would see them in an actual shop. I want to give the viewer a sense of being in a shop. You can still see up close versions of the panels but sometimes this distorts the paintings and leaves a potential customer very detached. Etsy has a very different theory in photographing items and I am trying to implement what they find works the best which is giving the photo a story and making it a little more believable. This is not how painters are taught to show their work but I think after getting these shots together they just might have something good to share. I may be 50 something but I am never to young to try a better way of displaying artwork and furniture. That's what makes selling fun. Exploring and discovering new ways to promote and market what you love to do.

Take another look at what you are selling and is your story being told in the photos? If not try some summertime cleaning and dust off old viewpoints, you just never know where it may lead you.


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