Friday, July 23, 2010

An Update on Tucker's Lesson.

When I last wrote about Tucker's little lesson I never thought I would find out so much about thyroids and especially mine. I am not sure why I always feel that the care for another little soul is more valuable than my own but slowly I am changing. It was very simple for me to go the course of holistic natural treatment for Tuck but when I had mine tested I just did what the doctor said and went with taking his prescribed synthetic hormone your thyroid needs to work properly. I have to be honest I did not take the little pill regularly. Did you know women are the primary group with low working thyroids due to the influx of hormones during that time in a woman's life, and we know what that is don't we? A hypothyroid has symptoms that mimic many other conditions so please check out the symptoms online and if you think you have a problem get your blood tested.

I have started Tuck on a vitamin mineral herbal thyroid pill with a mineral that is the natural version of the synthetic hormone that he could use. The same I had briefly taken. Within a couple of days I have seen an improvement in his mannerisms and health. His ears which had given him problems has cleared completely and his coat has started to feel different (an oily feel and slight smell to the coat). Even in this horrible heat he is jumping around as he had not too long ago. Another symptom of hypothyroidism is sore joints which in my case was diagnosed as early arthritis. Since I have started using natural herbal supplements and dietary changes my joints have stopped aching and I don't have the swishing sound in my shoulders. Tuck hasn't told me if that is the case so I can only guess.

I am a lover of observing the world around me but why is it when life keeps sending you signals we seem to miss the message? I think the universe was gently nudging me and finally had to smack me over the head to wake up. So I am asking all of you out there to now wake up and pay attention because I can bet there are signs you are missing that will help you on this journey we are all taking. I know I am paying closer attention.


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