Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Woodland fairy houses, magical, mystical, one of a kind, sculpted, handmade and handcrafted nature art.

One of a kind custom sculpted woodland fairy houses covered with moss and furnished with fairy furniture are custom handmade one of a kind fairy sculptures from things I find in nature and enchanted woodland forests, moss, twigs, lichen, bark and and cones. 

Fairy House and Fairy Furniture
Twig Woodland Fairy House
Twig woodland fairy house sculpted handmade one of a kind magical whimsical nature art creation for home and garden. The fairy house is made from cedar and pine wood constructing the floor and walls with twigs from a downed dogwood tree for the roof.

Bark and pine cone is broken up and glued by hand into place on the walls and polished pebbles frame the back window. On the top is a bench for sunbathing or nighttime star gazing with a table and two stools on the top platform for a dreamy dinner any two whimsical fairies would love.

buy at laurierohner.com 

Inside there is a sofa or lounge bed table and chair with footrest. I love the pine wood pattern in this fairy furniture piece. 

Between The Weeds shop 

Now imagine this fairy house sitting up in the trees like a tree house? Notice the tree trunk going through the room and it aligns with the top platform. 

Fairy house size: 11 x 6 x 9h inches.
Weight: 2.3lbs.
Interested in buying this one of a kind whimsical custom handcrafted woodland fairy house? Please stop by Between The Weeds and check it out.


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