Monday, August 24, 2015

Now is the time for magic, woodland fairy magic.

Now is the time for magic, woodland fairy magic. Let's be a wee bit imaginative and let the volatile chaos that swirls around us to evaporate if not for a second. The Dow in the New York stock exchange hit a record trading loss of 1000 points for a brief second. For just a second there was darkness and then light. Fairies are great at reminding us to not take life and things too seriously. Things never disappear they just change form. The wee woodland fairy house below is a perfect example. It has changed form. I added a few more bits and nature finds to the art studio house which makes it even more adorable. Is that even possible?

Woodland Fairy House Art Studio Complete with Easel Canvas and Computer

custom sculpted woodland fairy houses

 fairy house.

Custom Handcrafted Woodland Fairy Houses and Faerie Cottages are sculpted woodland fairy houses with fairy furniture for gardens outside or inside (though better in). I firmly believe nature holds magic. These creations are unique woodland nature cottages for fairy believers everywhere. Remember, the whimsical connection between our worlds is always present. 

So today take a rest from chaos and join the magical world of fairies at Between The Weeds in the enchanted wood, I'll be waiting along with Briar, fairy extraordinaire. 


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