A Small Discovery.

I had decided to start the year ready for new and exciting changes. I organized myself and my living /work space. I donated to worthy causes and discarded items to be recycled or put a sign out offering them for free and as I worked I discovered how freeing the experience had become. There has been a lot of change in my life with the passing of some key people and the numerous moves I had made over the past several years. I found that I had held onto the ghosts and memories of an old outdated life that no longer represented who and how I wanted my life to be lived. People who brought back painful memories and who are not in my life anymore yet I packed photos carefully and moved them with me each time. Why do we cling to these painful memories and people so tightly? I feel sometimes we stay so connected to things in the past we get stuck and can’t move forward. Growth becomes stagnant and our lives are lived out in a void of indifference and without passion. So this past week I had a clearing away party and burned the photos of all the people and events that didn’t support my life (maybe they never had). As the fire claimed the memories I would say a positive affirmation. The final step to claiming my life back and saying good bye to the ghosts of the past and discovering a new life of possibilities is waiting. I experienced a jolt of renewed energy, of optimism and passion showing me where I wanted to go in life. I see my path with clarity and excitement.
One thing did strike me; the world has become too complacent with corporations doing whatever they want and people feeling as if they will never see the light again. Maybe it is time for each of us to clear out the things, memories and people who are weighing us down. Take a stance and take responsibility for your actions and life. We fill our lives with nothingness and are shocked when we still have nothing. Cut up the credit card or throw away the cell phone you can’t afford. Instead learn how to cook a healthy meal for your family and friends or take a hike in the woods with your dog and kids and learn more about the world that you share with an entire planet. Fill your life with things of meaning not just things. Be an individual and do it because it is right for you. Better yet venture out of your comfortable little box and experience something challenging. You may just discover someone new and it may even be you.

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