Do artist have an economic value?

In the recent weeks I have listen to some people in the media make flippant statements about artist and their lofty unrealistic attitudes. Saying we contribute very little to the community and to our economic well being. Furthering their attack with contorted facial expressions and giving the sense of being in a continuous drug induced state. At first I found it humorous because these people certainly do not know the artist I know. These artist are hard working, humble, highly motivated and extremely intelligent individuals who are passionate adventurous entrepreneurs and a main stay in our country's and society's economical recovery. 

Go online and do a search and you will find 10's of thousands of artist, all levels of ability ,producing and selling their art. Professionals who sustain and care for the spirit of humankind. Most people do not understand the way we process our work nor do they understand the sacrifices and struggles we endure in order to create the work. All work great and small is an essential part to the worlds well being. It does not change because one artist is more skilled than the next. The process for each and every one is still the same. 

Then there is the spirit of all mankind I refer to which is very different than the soul of an individual. It is that part of us that dreams and sees possibility where there is little to be found. Spirit is the creative energy that compels humans to think outside ourselves and to show the world the good and the ugly. I feel artists are in tune more to this type of energy so we see things differently. Just as a person has to breath ,we have to  create. It is our contribution to this world and we make it a better place to live and to thrive.  Where would society be if there were no artist, no muse to inspire?

Think. Would there be this computer page designed by a software artist or an Apple IPod or IPhone with all those fabulous inventions? Would you have a beautiful home or would you be living in a cave still? The clothes you wear and the cars you drive are in part thanks to an artist. And then there are all those wonderful museums filled with centuries of artist' work that would not be there so you could spend a rainy Sunday afternoon exploring.

What about today, the artist sitting diligently working on a piece hoping to sell so they can buy food, shop in the mall or buy the next IPod. Are they not also important to the economic stability? Do we not have the same value as the plumber or electrician or the nurse or the corporate sales manager or even the media who so eagerly put down a whole profession?

All that said I am proud to be an artist. I have been given a very important job. All artists have been given this job by the greatest artist ever known, the creator of all things. So fellow artist pick up your brushes, your pens, your chisels, your instruments  whatever tool you use and create and never stop because we have a purpose being here. The same purpose for many millenniums to inspire humankind to be better than they were a moment ago. Oh and you media folks that is pretty huge.

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