Stop Promoting Etsy,Start Promoting Your Shop.

Today I decided to do a little search to see if all the hard work I have just finished is paying off. What I discovered was my etsy shop is off the grid in search-ville. I do not know why and really this is not the first time I have seen this happen with my etsy shop. So again I ponder why?

It is why I feel I have to share this. I, and maybe there are many feeling the same, find etsy has lost the creative flair of handmade original work. It panders to making money for the people working there and the people remotely connected to etsy, through vicinity or age.Hey that is OK but when it comes to doing what they should to make sure the shops that are syndicated are being submitted correctly. It is why I keep the shop open at etsy. I promote and I have made them a nice bit of change. So why did etsy feel it necessary to roll out a new platform at the busiest time for shop owners? Why is it a coincidence that etsy changes things up and the searches show no etsy shops in web searches or shopping. Etsy broad search did come up but that is as good as getting on the front page of etsy, worthless.

Affordable Canvas Artwork
My solution is be sure you have a blog or website off of etsy that sells your beautiful custom unique quality handmade work. Promote it along with your etsy shop but funnel everything back to your outside web/blog. Maybe etsy will see shop owners spending their precious minutes and hours in the day, discovering their coffers dwindling, realizing the value of all shop owners.

By the way if you get a chance my outside online shop is Laurie Rohner Studio please see what I have done. It is a free website with Very easy to develop and a bunch of fun. Everything is set up with PayPal just as with etsy. I have sold a few things and now I am putting much more attention into the design. Hope to see you there.

I have a bunch of blogs, this one and also one at Between The Weeds and The Painted Cottage Home which are through Since broadening my impact on web searches and actively working with each venue I have been funneling hits for my etsy shop at Between The Weeds but now I added my Laurie Rohner Studio Shop to the listings. My hits have started to take off.

It simply means if you are promoting your shop at etsy you are promoting etsy and in turn helping etsy. When you tweet your shop listing I now remove @etsy and add another link to my other shop or more description for that item. The best of both and it is promoting just my shop. Think about it Etsy is getting free advertising and your free labor every time but are your sales soaring?

May you have a fabulous week selling and create your future smartly.

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