Let me introduce myself.

I first want to say I am very new to blogging and the art world in 2009 but I absolutely love art and adore artists. What a wonderful way to journey through life being able to view a world with a spirit, a mind, a vision unlike most. The creative people I have known are open minded, free thinking, highly evolved, selfless, independent and extremely generous. Maybe it is because you have to utilise your entire brain daily. Or it could be how we open ourselves to the world when selling our artwork that allows us to see people differently, giving artists more compassion. I believe artists everywhere should seize this opportunity during this recession to expand their businesses and their art and ride a wave to prosperity. Let us combine our efforts and unite with positive thoughts and solutions and take back our rightful position in the world economy. We are more than lofty, way out there thinkers and quite honestly if the financial institutions held more of our beliefs instead of greed and pride we may not have been thrown into this chaos. I have started several businesses over my 50some years. After reflecting back to those days these sartups have been during recessions and I am still standing strong. Now against the fears of the many neighsayers I have decided to focus fulltime on my art. I hate it when people say you can't because I always will show them you can. Please join me as I figure the winding path ahead.

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