Recycling Found Furniture

This is a dresser that found its way to my shop. It was in such disrepair but I could still see the potential in this dresser. I started by sanding and removing the brown paint and discovered the top was in good condition but the body of the dresser would have to be painted. I removed the hardware and replaced the knobs with new stained shaker style knobs. The feet were structurally sound so I opted to paint them the same as the body and drawers of the dresser. The top was stained a honey brown color (my own mixture) and the rest painted blueberry blue with alkyd paint. The total of three times with a light sanding in between each time gave this dresser a durable base finish.
I was ready to add some decorative finishes. I used acrylic paints to create the garland design on each of the drawers and after the paint dried I add line work to detail my design. Once I am satisfied with the look I have achieved I then add two coats of varnish again lightly sanding between each time. When the piece is completely dry and that will vary due to humidity in the air, I then finish with beeswax.
The finished piece is quite different from when it first came to the shop. It was on its way to clutter another landfill. Now this little dresser was unique in design and would last for many years if not generations.

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