Staying Focused

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you start to wonder if the universe has it out for you? This past week was my week but I think I figured out something that just might help you and me the next time you find yourself battling the universe. First off stop thinking there is a conspiracy. Now take a breath and observe what you are doing and why did whatever happen. My week started with me tripping over the top step and slamming both knees down on the floor. Amazingly enough I had a full cup of coffee in hand and managed to keep the cup upright spilling very little. Later in the week I spilled a full glass of water all over the bed and floor as I was getting ready for bed. Next I went food shopping and as I was unloading my groceries a bee stung me several times on my thumb (which is still puffy). In between there were a bunch of little annoying mishaps but not worth adding. I think you get my point - challenging week.

The two lessons I think I have figured out is things happen for a reason. If I had stayed aware of the steps I was taking I would not have tripped or knocked over the water or not seen the bee. All week I have been scurrying about getting what I needed done thinking about everything but the task at hand. Guess what I wasn't nearly as productive as I could have been if I just stayed focused. The other lesson learned is the lessons keep coming until you finally stop breath observe and focus.

Also since I always try to see a positive side to every lesson, I had damaged my one knee several months ago and when I fell on it I thought more damage, glad to say it is back to normal. My spilled water glass cleaned my floor and the bee sting got me to slow down so I could see the lesson to learn.

The next time your world gets a little wonky I hope you will stop breath and focus otherwise the universe will continue to send the message for a very frustrating week.

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