Could the economy be turning?

The past week has been very hectic and I am thrilled to say profitable. I am not sure why the change but here are some ideas I have to share:

1. the economy is improving
2.all my marketing and joining groups is showing in sales.
3.hard work does pay off.

Maybe it is a combination of all three and I am very grateful. I have been implementing some of the advise I have received on the Etsy sellers blog and have tried to be consistent with my marketing. I have really pushed in branding my style and I never gave up pushing myself forward.
I certainly am not writing this to brag by any means because during these times one successful week or so could end just as quickly. I wanted to share to cheer all of us on and not to give up.
As it has been written so many times on so many other blogs most successes never happen because you give up too soon. Everything can change for you in just a moment. Keep creating, pushing yourself a little further because don't you owe it to yourself to be the person you want to be.

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