Stealing Is Not Nice.

I came across a blog post today and saw my Painted Sap Bucket shown in a part of this blog along with some words I had said. The funny thing is I never said those words to the author of this blog or authorized the use of my photo. Yes I did get some free publicity, maybe, but at what price? If you allow one to steal then where will it stop. This blog mentioned I had nothing else like this to offer which since I am a decorative artist and paint on many different surfaces it is a fraudulent statement. The link to my sap bucket did not work. I have requested that she remove my sap bucket from her blog but let's face it the damage is done.

To all you blog authors who feel you have the right to steal an artists work image of work or idea itself stop the urge. Go through the channels of requesting consent BEFORE you post your blog. I did not mention the authors blog or name because I did not want to give her the attention. It is her actions that have me understandably annoyed.

At Etsy people will often add your items to treasuries or their favorites list which makes the experience at Etsy all the more engaging and gives the artist a sense of community. I myself have passed on an artist blog post to people who may be interested in the artist's work. There is a fine line between stealing and just spreading the work of an artists and it is getting blurred more and more.

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