Double Happiness.

Sometimes I wonder if past customers are able to find me. This week I finished a sap bucket for a wonderful customer, a couple from my beginning days in NJ. I am so happy and thrilled because they wanted me to do something special for their 10th Anniversary. They searched for me and found my website

When you move as much as I have in the past years you hope that somehow your clients find you especially since most of my clients are before Twitter or FB and a newsletter was just becoming the thing to do. Things online have changed at an incredible speed and I feel very much for the best. I think as long as you keep getting your name out there in any avenue you can your customers will search and find you. Be sure you keep it coherent and utilize the name they know you by. I have seen so many people with all sorts of avatars the search engines skip you right over. By the way Google your business or name and see what comes up I was amazed to find 5 pages for laurie rohner.

Back to my customers I ended up taking a sap bucket with the garden scene and adding the Chinese symbol for double happiness which had great significance for these wonderful people. Honestly it is not the money that gives me that wonderful feeling of joy and gratitude it is creating something that another individual(s) will cherish. In my small way I am making the world just a little brighter. This is why I do what I do. What do you do to be blessed with double happiness?

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