Making the Move.

I am finishing up my little projects around the house and have picked out a Realtor. It has been a lot of work and very stressful at times deciding how much should be done or not. I have told a few neighbors. I am sure by now have informed everyone my plans to sell. Selling is all in the timing, you never want to show your hand or in my case house too soon. You have one shot for a quick sale, if you don't prepare it could turn out to be a long wait. I have found it is better to take the extra day or week to make everything shine.
I am still working marketing creating items for Laurie Rohner Studio and searching for the right house to move to in Vermont. I narrowed my search down to Brandon, a small town that caters to the arts. I have my eye on a home with a wonderful New England feel to it. I also contacted Brandon Chamber of Commerce website for information and a relocation packet. I received it in the mail within days and inside I found all sorts of fabulous brochures and maps pertinent for my business. The first thing I noticed was the hand written note wishing me success in my move and if there was anything the Chamber could assist in please feel free to contact... This is Vermont and this is why I feel very strongly that even in these tumultuous times I need to do everything I can to take the next step. I need to push through the fear and anxiety and follow my instincts. In order for Laurie Rohner Studio to grow I need to establish a shop base which will be the driving force for all my other endeavors. By relocating to Vermont I will be able to combine the internet, local and state guild organizations and the brick and mortar studio forming a comprehensive marketing strategy.
So why can I not do that here in North Carolina? I am not sure I will ever discover why but I have my own suspicions. What I can say is if it is to be all will work out. If this is my path to follow then no matter what , I will go. Sometimes you have to just believe in yourself and in the world around you. My grandma, Honey used to say 'Work faith and faith works'. This new direction I have chosen is exciting and scary and tiring but nothing in this world worth having is easy. This is what makes getting there all the sweeter.
Maybe you have a nagging feeling a gut churning tug that wont go away and it keeps telling you to go somewhere or do something? Listen to it and then figure out what it might be trying to tell you and then find whatever you need inside yourself to take the leap.

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