A glass of lemonade.

This past week or so hit me a little harder than usual with some heavy challenges to overcome. I realized that I had been holding inside some issues about my past and was getting myself stuck in a situation that would never allow me to keep moving forward. I guess it was there for some time, you know the elephant in the room thing. But now I am talking to the elephant and working through the fear of change, of the unknown, we all seem to have to deal with these days. I have been so focused on where I want to go I forgot about all the other aspects of living in the present. Yesterday has been finished with and tomorrow may never happen but today can be so spectacular if we just focus on what is around us now. This morning gave me the jolt I needed with a sunrise that was brilliant and colorful and I was the only one viewing it as Tuck and I made our way from our walk back to the house. No one on the road and the lights were just coming on in the neighborhood. I savored the image as long as I could and in a split second realized I had just been touched by something wonderful from the universe, a glass of lemonade.

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