Help the Arts

Every time you purchase an item whether it is clothes, toys, home decor, furniture or whatever, you have a choice. You can buy from an individual who has put all their energy into making a well made product or a company that has outsourced most of the components to a country which probably pays workers very little or has no regard to the toxic components used or the environmental issues in producing the product. There are individuals all over the world who are making well made original works for all types of uses. They are artists of many creative means and all offering the best they can produce.
I guess it hit me while shopping and I noticed the mind set of the average shopper. People aimlessly buying things and I mean things with no thought to where it was made or whom it was being given to. I am a person who would spend weeks trying to discover what the perfect gift would be for a person and most of the time I would buy something that was different and handmade. Of course then I started to give things I made because I thought it meant more giving a part of yourself. Aren't we missing the point of the season? What happen to giving just one gift? Why is it so wrong to buy or make something that is handmade or homemade?
The next time you have a birthday or anniversary or holiday gift to buy check out an art fair or go online and find that fabulous handmade gift made with someones loving hands. Think of the person you will touch with that gift. Then the wonderful artist you have helped be able to go on and create again. It is a beautiful circle you become a part of and it is magical.
Come join the fun.....

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