I Adore Dark Chocolate.

The stores are filled with heart shaped boxes of chocolate in preparation of Valentine's Day. I personally find the day to be more of a nuisance then a day to rejoice in. I guess that stems back to my days in the flower industry and caring for thousands of roses being sent to people. My hands would be swollen from the many stabs by the venomous thorns on roses. But at the end of it all waiting for me was a box of the most delicious dark chocolates and I would forget my throbbing fingers and feet and drift off in a wave of smooth heavenly sweet dark chocolate. What divine pleasure.

Now a days whenever I need real comfort I order myself my favorite dark chocolate. I have it sent from a great little Vermont candy store by the name of Snowflake Chocolates click here. Located in the small town of Jericho nestled at the foothills of the Green Mountains you can find the best candy. My favorites are the dark chocolate Turtles and the yes Dark Chocolate Fudge. Check it out it is well worth having it shipped to you or better yet take the trip and make a visit to their shop.

Indulge you are worth it....

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