Joined Zibbet

Yesterday I shared some pointers I had discovered in expanding your creative business. Join and add 10 items to sell in an online shop so I did just that and joined Zibbet. Time will show me which shops preform the best and I will certainly share with all of you me results.

What I found with Zibbet was it was easy to set up your shop and profiles and adding your products, though time consuming, was relatively painless. I find once you set up one shop which in my case I started on Etsy it is a matter of copying what you have, tweaking here and there, and bang product added. I opted for the free shop but you can upgrade to a shop with a monthly fee when you want or feel it will benefit you.

I am not trying to sell Zibbet but want to share what I discover may work for my fellow creatives. If you have the time visit my Zibbet shop @ The Painted Cottage Click Here.

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