My shop The Painted Cottage Home is set up.

Welcome and Come On In to The Painted Cottage Home...

I have taken over the foyer and part of my living room with a work area in the back so I can work and talk to visitors as they browse. The screened porch is off the shop area and will feature garden theme items for sale. It is a combination of fine art, painted furniture, gifts, and antiques. I have had a blast putting it all together. All I need now is a sign out front.

Tuck is on the rug making sure I am doing everything right. He always has to get into a shot. The table has painted china and my Hand Painted Keepsake Box.
Another angle of the shop with a rocker I refinished and a canvas pillow I created. The end table I painted and crackled, great vintage piece.

Behind this is my work area which is quite large with a love seat and chair grouping for people to join in and see me work.
Most of my things you can purchase on line in etsy zibbet or my web sites. I really wanted to do this because I think I can contribute something special to my neighborhood and my town. 

If you are in my area and would like to visit Laurie Rohner Studio or The Painted Cottage Home please just come on by at 383 Hawthorne Rd. or call 336-835-1825.

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