I'm Spreading The Word.

I'm spreading the word about artist I find on Etsy out into the world via social networking and blogs. Anyone I admire and whose work I appreciate. Some of it is just fun and uplifting and some is so creative it knocks your shoes off. Now why would I do this? Because I see the world as a friendly, ever expanding, place to live and it is filled with oodles of creative people. All they want is to share their work and improve someones life. If I can be of any help expanding the awareness of another creative person's work then everyone wins. You see I firmly believe buying from a creative artist is a beautiful thing. We diligently work at producing high quality pieces for the sole purpose of giving enjoyment to others. Yes we like getting paid. But ask anyone who has a shop on Etsy most will say even if I make no money I will still keep making art. Our purpose is to give to the world the beauty and creative awesomeness we see each and every day. Even if you do not buy anything you have to go and browse through the many shops at etsy.com. Maybe if you see someone who inspires you, you will spread the word, too. 

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