A helpful hint for Etsy shop owners.

I love my shop at Etsy called LRStudio which is short for Laurie Rohner Studio. I find the community there is always trying to help each other sell more and be successful. They are a bunch of young people who run things in Brooklyn NY and I thank the Uni-verse for putting together Etsy. 
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The other day I received my email from Etsy and among some of the great topics one caught my attention. It pertained to improving your shop and it had a Livestream so I watched. I found a bunch of things to do for my shop which I will share later. This one was at the top of my list. It is so simple but not many shops owners from what I can see have done it. Be sure you add a link on each listing back to the shop section of the listing and a link back to your shop. Just type or copy http://all the info in the browser address and then paste it at the bottom of your listings description editing section and then your shop address http://yourshop.etsy.com. Publish your page and you are finished. 

This is an example of what I did in my shop:
More Cottage: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LRStudio?section_id=6097607
OR http://www.LRStudio.etsy.com

Etsy automatically links what you have typed, nice little bonus. I know it is time consuming to add to each of your listings. I also took advantage of updating and changing how my listings read. I have to admit I am still updating but it is almost there.

My shop is very important to me and I treat it as if it were a brick and mortar shop with Etsy as the Chamber of Commerce. They really want everyone to win, and even this set in her ways artist can see their exceptional value.

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