Wall Street Protesters in NYC

"You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you're wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be."
- Esther Abraham-Hicks, is an inspirational speaker & author.

Reading this today sent my thoughts to all the angry people in NYC and throughout the country protesting. If you want to voice your opinion and protest bravo, it is what this country was all about in the 60's and 70's. By the way the same people and groups were behind that movement as this one. It is exciting to get behind a cause or movement but know what it is. What I see is a mass of people dirty and causing strife for those who are trying to go on with the business of living. People are you sheep being led to slaughter or are you the shepherd?

I also wonder why this did not happen when President Bush was in office? Why now before an election year? Who really is to gain from this movement? Who is the Fed? Educate yourself and then do what you must.

I like money. Is it wrong to work hard and enjoy making money? I use money to benefit others as many companies who trade on wall street do. Remember the USSR? Not a very pretty place. Can you not find a more empowering way to benefit all?

Finally I send a blessing to all even to the ones that do not agree.

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