You can't buy into fear and fully realize your Highest Potential.

"You are not separate from your Hopes and Dreams, you are only separate from knowing that they are Real and the only Truth your Soul knows. You can't buy into fear and fully realize your Highest Potential; it only comes from Love and Service."

- Jackson Kiddard

Yesterday I finished a custom painted box for a wonderful lady. She is a client I have worked with in the past and will work with in the future. Her birthday is coming up and she was treating herself to one of my boxes she had her eye on. But she had some requests and changes she wanted to make.
Rework the side and add certain flowers.

Rework the side and add certain flowers.
At first I wanted to get mad and realized it was not anger but fear. Could I make the changes and make her delighted or would I not be good enough? My thoughts were very separated from the dream I had when I created the box in the beginning. I paint, create and sell to give others joy. Thankfully my client reminded me of this and the fear dissipated and I started the work.
Removed flower and painted these.  

Added a little surprise hydrangea to the back.
Once I walked away from fear I found myself working in that place of love and service for the work I do. The box was reworked and finished without a problem. I sent the images to my client for her approval and she responded with this sincere heartfelt answer...

"WOW!!!! I am having difficulty finding the words...You really outdid yourself:) The box looks absolutely spectacular -- more beautiful than anything I could possibly have imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Not only have you made my birthday incredibly special, but you have given me an amazing treasure to look at first thing every morning from this point forward. I could not be more grateful..."

Most times we can avoid difficulty in sales life and relationships if we work from the core or heart of our being.  I think the box is so much better than what it was before. The fear not being good enough, which leads to will I loose the sale, the money, gone. Instead I found money isn't the engine that drives my business. I do. Within that soulful place lives hopes and dreams and the truth. In order to work in service of my soulful purpose I need to focus on the hopes and dreams. There I found and fully realized my highest potential; love and service. Fabulous lesson and one I wont forget.

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