Being an amateur in life or in your art career is a mindset.


Being an amateur in life or in your art career is a mindset. Today the mindset is take the path thinking there are no consequences for decisions or actions. We are living lives of amateurs. I know it is easy to follow this path but what happens to a society of amateurs? Not too much. I know I am not thrilled with the direction my career has been heading. 

This morning while walking my dog, which has arthritis and is old, we encountered another dog running free. This is not allowed in my area but people are lazy and do it anyway, let their dogs run wild. See no consequences? Wrong. Tuck, my dog has been attacked by dogs off leach several times, never badly hurt is left sore and limping. Today I carefully got Tuck back to the house while using my energy to ward off this wild dog from attacking from behind. As I successfully maneuvered Tuck up onto the porch, I realized we made it in safely. Now I could relax but I could feel my anger and rage build inside me. I looked around and saw my predicament had caught the eye of a few neighbors. Why had they opted to not help?

I try thinking compassionately towards another person and towards myself. I guess you could say I was fearful of the karma I would create so think kind thoughts. I think the rage I felt was everything in my life coming to the surface. I was living an amateur life. I had to stop being an amateur and start being the pro I am and take charge. This morning that rage and anger came to a head, finally dispersing, leaving a cleansed fresh outlook on my life and my vision for my career. 

What in your life have you lived as an amateur? Do not live your life from the audience (amateur) live your life on stage. Stop thinking getting mad is not good because it is good. Getting mad lets you see the passion and allows you to change your mindset and take the power back in your life. Be a ninja, be pro active, be mad and angry, then get up and do something anything that gets you to where you need to be. Just remember one thing do no harm but take control.  

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