Art Studio Woodland Fairy House

Art Studio Woodland Fairy House
Custom sculpted woodland fairy houses handmade fairy sculptures by Laurie Rohner.

 Woodland Fairy Art Studio

This is a custom handmade woodland fairy house sculpted from wood pine cones sea glass pebbles and natural finds.

An art studio for a woodland fairy to sit and create along side you, how magical is that? Inside there is an easel set for a fairy creation with a stool and behind are rolled up canvases. On the other side is a fairy computer and tablet with a few old fashioned books in the corner set upon a drift wood table with chair. The floor has a natural woven rug and on the back wall are cedar panels.

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The roof is from branches and strewn across are pebbles, cones, sea glass, and raffia in a bow. The cones are separated and form shingles to help prevent the weather from coming in. The sides and back also have decorative cone shingles. I glue each and every piece you see in place by hand. 

Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 7 inches
Weight 5lbs.


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