Watercolors on painted furniture.

I will paint on any surface if at all possible with watercolors. Watercolors are underrated. I find when you combine watercolors and gouaches and apply them to a specially primed surface you can paint with them anywhere. 

This box was one of the first paintings and has been sold, I did love this box. I have some new items that I am adding to the shop at Between The Weeds. Some are just for studio pick up and a few are small enough for me to ship. 

Check out my shop here.

I work with hand painted illustration on painted furniture adding botanical flowers bees words and animals. Anything the furniture is telling me to paint. For the most part every piece of painted furniture speaks and I listen. Sometimes I will hold onto a chair dresser or even a board waiting for the whisper of what it is needed for the work. This week spring is coming. I have so many things blossoming in my studio. Now I have to find the time to photograph my work so I can share it with you.

Do stop by often to see the new work.

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