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Help the Arts

Being Open

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Why am I leaving the South for New England.

Contact Info.

Something new in the shop.

Joined Handmade Spark

Handmade Spark - Laurie Rohner Studio - Handcrafted Wooden Tray with Original Acrylic Painting of a Wood Duck

Removing Personal Info.

Double Happiness.

Stealing Is Not Nice.

Could the economy be turning?

An Update on Tucker's Lesson.

What my dog taught me this week.

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New Nursery Artwork

A little shop cleaning on Etsy.

When the alarms go off in your head, listen.

Things happen.

What is new at Laurie Rohner Studio

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Staying Focused

Customer service is very important.

So you think you are in control?

Recycling Found Furniture

Oops I changed the name again.

A Small Discovery.